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Embodhi Wellbeing


Pink Earth


Emma, Yoga Teacher & Holistic Therapist

Launceston - North Cornwall

Yoga and more...

This isn't just Yoga, this is community 🥰 Whether you're an absolute beginner (no need to be bendy) or an experienced practitioner, all are welcome to my beautiful yoga and wellness space @ Trethorne Leisure Farm 🌿
Would you like to learn Yoga in a supportive and fun way, in a beautiful and peaceful space?

Perhaps you feel that you are not fit or flexible enough to do Yoga or feel nervous about joining a class?
Would you like to learn and develop a holistic practice that works with mind, body and soul...helping to balance and improve physical, emotional and mental health?

EmBodhi Wellbeing offers a range of classes to suit all levels and abilities and is suitable for EVERY body 🥰 no need to be fit, flexible or strong as my classes will support you to achieve greater mobility and develop flexibility, build strength, core stability and better posture.  Through Yoga we develop balance, physically, emotionally, and mentally, and I will provide you with many tools and techniques to cultivate deeper peace, calm and a greater sense of wellbeing.

New To Yoga?

Are you new to Yoga and want to know more? You can read more here, and more about the styles I offer.

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