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An in-depth look at the different styles of yoga I offer.

Not sure which class is right for you? Read more below and feel free to contact me to chat it through...

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Hatha Yoga

This is a holistic & traditional Hatha Yoga class, suitable for EVERY body and for all levels & abilities. **Beginners very welcome**

Come join me for 75 minutes of mindful and deeply nourishing Yoga and mind-body connection as we explore movement, breathwork & mindfulness to build strength, balance, and flexibility for body & mind. We focus on improving posture, alignment, core-stability, and mobility whilst maintaining healthy bones, joints & muscles. This is a balanced practice that takes a ‘whole body’ approach, working at your own pace and level, with lots of support and guidance as needed. We also explore other movement-based practices such as Qi Gong, Pilates & Somatic Movement.

We explore techniques for deep rest, relaxation & stillness, through breathwork, meditation & mindfulness activities as well as exploring Yogic Sleep, Mudras, Bandhas, Mantras and weaving in elements of sound therapy & self-healing tools & techniques.

There will be plenty of space to rest & relax & lots of opportunity for challenge & play as we learn to listen & work with our body in a safe & supportive way. You are guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed, restored, and relaxed!

Suitable for EVERY body - no need to be bendy!!! **Chair options available**

  • Build strength, flexibility, balance, core stability & confidence.

  • Improve posture & alignment, supporting healthy backs, joints & bones.

  • Alleviate & manage symptoms of stress, fatigue & burnout.

  • Release deep tension in body, mind & soul.

  • Achieve overall physical, emotional & mental wellbeing.

  • Welcome greater health, better sleep & increased vitality.

  • Cultivate inner peace, stillness & calm & quieten the mind.

  • Explore techniques for mindfulness, meditation, relaxation.

  • Experience deep rest, relaxation, restoration & deep healing.

  • Support for chronic conditions, pain management & mobility issues.

I offer group classes, 1:1 and private classes in person or online.

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Chair Yoga

Come join me for 75 minutes of low impact, therapeutic & gentle chair yoga, with a social space to meet & chat! These classes are fun, inclusive, and designed for those looking for a gentler practice without floorwork or high impact exercise. Traditional Hatha Yoga, adapted for the chair - a blend of movement, breathwork, mindfulness & meditation – work at your own pace with plenty of options for more or less challenge. All are welcome!

  • Improve & maintain mobility & range of motion.

  • Safely build strength, flexibility, core-stability, balance & co-ordination.

  • Support for recovery, injury & chronic conditions.

  • Accessible for all ages, abilities & levels.

  • Improve overall physical health & wellbeing.

  • Release tension in body & mind.

  • Relieve aches & discomfort, reduce & manage pain.

  • Reduce stress, fatigue & manage symptoms.

  • Boost mental & emotional health & wellbeing.

  • Still & calm the mind, create inner peace & stillness.

I offer group classes, 1:1 and private classes in person or online.

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Women's Circle Yoga

A deeply nourishing & healing Yoga circle designed especially for women of all support us through all phases & cycles of life, from Menarche to Menopause & beyond. With a focus on women’s health, we explore lots of ways to support our bodies and minds through life’s challenges and transitions. So, whilst we practice Yoga, this is also a space for support, sharing and connection and sometimes…having a good giggle!

These 75-minute sessions are restorative, with gentle movement, breathwork, mindfulness, meditation & lots of lovely healing practices, to bring more peace, stillness & wellbeing into our lives. So, if you’d like to explore tools for deeper rest, better sleep, building confidence and to develop greater physical, emotional and mental health…this is the class for you! Think of soft blankets, cushions, candlelight & chocolate…a space where you can really be held, receive and rest and to make wonderful friendships with like-minded women.

Come & be soothed, nurtured, held & supported as we connect deeply with our body, mind & soul in this cosy, warm & feminine space of growth, embodiment, empowerment & radical rest. 

I offer group classes, 1:1 and private classes in person or online.

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Beginners Yoga

Join me for 75 minutes of powerful & dynamic Yoga - a fusion of ashtanga, vinyasa, power yoga, Pilates & calisthenics.

This is a dynamic flow sequence, suitable for beginners & advanced practitioners alike - working at your own pace & level - full support will be given. This is a more body focused class for those looking to explore Yoga for fitness, stamina and those looking for a more challenging practice.

  • Build strength, core-stability, balance, & flexibility.

  • Improve cardio, fitness levels & maintain heart & lung health.

  • Strengthen the immune system & boost metabolism.

  • Sculpt, tone, improve joint mobility & range of motion.

  • Calm the mind, reduce stress, improve sleep. 

  • Increase vitality, boost energy levels & burn calories.

  • Increase focus, concentration - boost memory & mental agility.

This is a fun, friendly & challenging class - why not come and give it a go!! **Beginners welcome**

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Dynamic Flow Yoga

Together we learn to build the foundations for a safe & effective Yoga practice in a fun & social class. You are welcome to work at your own pace as I guide you through postures to build strength, flexibility, alignment, balance and to unlock tension & soothe away those aches & pains. We explore techniques for deep rest, relaxation & stillness, through movement, breathwork, meditation & mindfulness activities.

There will be plenty of space to rest & relax & lots of opportunity for challenge & play as we learn to listen & work with our body in a safe & supportive way. You are guaranteed to leave feeling refreshed, restored, and relaxed!

Suitable for EVERY body - no need to be bendy!!! **Chair options available**

I offer group classes, 1:1 and private classes in person or online.

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Childrens, Teens, Family & Partner Yoga

These classes will be full of fun, adventure and activities for self-development, growth and building confidence, self-esteem, and resilience. Age-appropriate groups for ages 3 - 16 years old.


Working with colour, sound, music, storytelling, games, activities, crafting and sensory play...each session will be carefully designed to support and encourage exploration in a fun, safe and supportive space


•Home Ed groups

•Forest School

•After School Clubs

•Classes for nurseries and schools

•Private sessions for kids and the whole family

•Partner Yoga 

•Inner child workshops for adults

We offer family Yoga and partner Yoga to enable families and partners to attend together, to build stronger and closer relationships, to learn and have fun together and learn more about each other – through team building and bonding activities, playful flows, and exercises to build connection.

We also offer inner child workshops which support us to connect with and to heal our inner child, through playful yoga (think kids’ yoga for adults), inner child healing meditations, somatic experiencing, crafting and more.

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Yoga Nidra – Group
& 1:1 Sessions

Beautiful, dreamy, restful & nourishing Yoga Nidra – the Yoga of sleep. This is a deep meditation and relaxation practice, taking us to the healing liminal space between wakefulness & sleeping – deeply healing, profound & transformational. Yoga Nidra take us to a place of deep rest, akin to getting four hours of sleep in around 15 - 30 minutes and can be practiced any time of day when you feel that you need to restore and renew your energy.

Yoga Nidra is a journey of awareness through the body, sometimes with guided visualisations, with beautiful sound journeys and can be co-created with the receiver so that you can design your own Nidra to help with specific conditions, issues or needs in that moment. It’s very much like being read a bedtime story and feels like you’re being tucked in and nurtured, allowing for total relaxation and radiant rest.

Sessions are performed lying down but you can be seated if you prefer – they are an addition to all my Yoga classes, and I also offer group sessions in person or online or 1:1 sessions.

These sessions are wonderful for those who would like to experience deeper rest, better sleep, deep relaxation and support for recovery, rehabilitation, and overall health & wellbeing.

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Restorative Yoga

This is the ‘Queen’ of Yoga – a gentle, mindful and deeply relaxing practice where we use only a handful of restful postures to ‘melt’ into – using props such as chairs, blankets, eye pillows, bolsters and blocks to fully support your body, to enable you to softly relax in a gently held and supported way. This allows some space and time to release deep tension held in body and mind, whilst taking the opportunity to rest, soothe and repair and giving you the opportunity to just ‘be.’ We work with the breath as a tool to enable deeper release, to quiet and still the mind and to bring healing, harmony and balance. As you rest, I may bathe you in soothing sounds, perhaps read a beautiful poem or, facilitate a space of peace and quiet to invite in stillness to your day. 

We close our session with a Yoga Nidra, Meditation or Guided Visualisation to seal our practice – ending with little piece of ‘Heaven on Earth’ – you are sure to leave feeling renewed, restored and revitalised – pure bliss! This is a deeply nourishing and transformative practice – suitable for all levels and abilities.

These sessions are for those looking for a deeper, more meditative practice, those seeking rest, self-inquiry, better sleep, a way to manage pain or chronic conditions or a space to relax and just be 😊 It is ideal for those recovering from illness or injury or may be looking for a way to support their physical and mental health -  this is a place for you to receive nourishment, healing and support in a beautifully held space.

I offer group classes, 1:1 and private classes in person or online.

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Therapeutic Yoga & Yoga Therapy
– Group & 1:1 Sessions

I offer both group & 1:1 Yoga Therapy sessions which are aimed at exploring and supporting us through life’s challenges and transitions. I offer Yoga Therapy for chronic health conditions, support groups/circles, to support physical, emotional & mental wellbeing, grief, introspection and self-enquiry and so much more...please see ‘What is Yoga Therapy’ for more information.

We currently run a number of ‘Six Week Yoga Therapy’ courses throughout the year, with sessions including.

  • Well Woman Yoga Therapy & Women’s Circles

  • Radiant Rest: Restorative Yoga & Yoga Nidra for Relaxation, Deep Rest & Better Sleep

  • Therapeutic Yoga for Pain Management

  • Space to Breathe: Therapeutic Yoga for Respiratory Conditions

  • Therapeutic Yoga for Stress, Fatigue & Burnout

  • The Alchemy of Breath: Transform your life with Pranayama.

  • Therapeutic Yoga for Mental Health & Wellbeing

  • The Medicine of Movement, Breath & Sound: Somatic Expression Workshops

  • Therapeutic Yoga for Grief and loss

I offer group classes, 1:1 and private classes in person or online.

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Meditation & Mindfulness

Whilst meditation & mindfulness is a feature in all my classes and courses, I run group & 1:1 sessions exploring, in-depth, a range of techniques from different traditions around the world, including our own co-created techniques, to facilitate a space of sanctuary, peace, reflection & self-inquiry. We will explore techniques to help bring stillness & quiet to our minds & to bring rest & healing to our bodies…what is in the mind often manifests in the body and so meditation & mindfulness practices work beyond the mind…it moves into our outer world too – if we can find peace in the mind, we can find peace anywhere!

These are gently guided and permissive sessions, all are welcome! You are free to practice in a chair or seated/lying on the floor so please bring a blanket and cushion if you want to make yourself comfortable, I do have some available in the space if needed. You are very welcome to share your own meditations with the group and there will be opportunity for us to explore our own co-created meditations too. We will explore techniques such as body scan, breath focus, object focus, metta meditation, yoga nidra, zazen, movement, sound, mantra, guided, silent and more…to enable us to explore and find what works best for you, so that you can feel the benefits in your daily life.

Our space is warm, cosy, and ideal for a deeply relaxing and inspiring practice. Teas & treats will be available throughout.

I offer group classes, 1:1 and private classes in person or online.

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